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Do you want to make sure your furnace is running in top condition? Is it time for your regular maintenance? You’re in the right place. Our top priority is your comfort and safety, so we offer comprehensive furnace maintenance in Minneapolis, MN. Discover the power of proactive care and unlock a season of unparalleled warmth and comfort with our professional furnace maintenance services! Moreover, we also offer furnace repair, furnace installation, and furnace replacement services for all major brands.

Minneapolis, MN

Maximize Comfort: The Advantages of Regular Heating Maintenance

Sometimes, it’s easy to forget about your furnace when it’s working perfectly fine. But regular maintenance is crucial for keeping your heating system running smoothly and efficiently. The benefits of professional heating maintenance extend far beyond just warm air and peace of mind. Here are some advantages you can expect from regular furnace maintenance:
Energy Efficiency:

Over time, dirt and debris can build up in your furnace. They cause it to work harder and use more energy than necessary. Regularly maintaining your furnace ensures that it is operating at its highest efficiency. Moreover, it saves you money on your energy bills.

Longer Lifespan:

Furnaces have a limited lifespan like any other mechanical system. However, regular maintenance can extend the life of your furnace by catching small issues before they become significant problems. This can save you from having to replace your furnace prematurely.

Improved Air Quality:

Furnaces that are not properly maintained can distribute dust, allergens, and other pollutants throughout your home. Regular maintenance includes cleaning and replacing air filters. You can rest assured that the air circulating in your home is clean and healthy.


A well-maintained furnace is not only more efficient, but it is also safer. If you schedule a regular heating maintenance service, you can catch any potential safety hazards, such as gas leaks or carbon monoxide leaks, before they become dangerous.

Warranty Protection:

Most furnace manufacturers require regular maintenance to keep your warranty valid. By neglecting maintenance, you could risk losing coverage for any repairs or replacements that may be needed in the future.

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Secure Your Comfort: Schedule Heating Maintenance in Minneapolis, MN

Don’t wait until your furnace breaks down to give it the attention it needs. With our professional furnace maintenance services, you can have peace of mind knowing that your heating system is in good hands. Our technicians will thoroughly inspect and clean your furnace, ensuring it functions at its best. Trust us to keep your home warm and comfortable all season long with our reliable furnace maintenance service in Minneapolis, MN!

Inside the Tune-Up: What to Expect from Furnace Maintenance in Minneapolis, MN

When you schedule furnace maintenance with our team, our technicians will thoroughly inspect and clean your furnace. Here’s what you can expect during our maintenance visit:

Our technicians will inspect all aspects of your furnace, including the burners, heat exchanger, fan motor, thermostat, and more. They will check for any signs of wear and tear, corrosion, or other potential issues.


We will clean and remove any dirt, debris, or buildup from your furnace components to ensure that it is functioning at its best.


Moving parts of your furnace will be lubricated to reduce friction and improve efficiency.

Air Filter Replacement:

We will replace your air filter with a new one to promote better air quality and improve the overall performance of your furnace.


Once all maintenance tasks are complete, our technicians will test your furnace to ensure it runs smoothly and efficiently.

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Where Do I Find a Heating Maintenance Service Near Me?

As you can see, regular furnace maintenance is crucial for maximizing your comfort and protecting your investment. So, instead of searching online for “heating maintenance near me” or ” a trusted furnace maintenance service near me,” simply turn to Professional Mechanical Services. We have been providing top-notch furnace maintenance, repair, and installation services in Minneapolis, MN, for years. Here are some reasons why our customers trust us:
Experienced Technicians:

We have over 20 years of experience in the HVAC industry, and our technicians are highly trained and knowledgeable.

Same-Day Services:

We understand that furnace issues can arise unexpectedly. That’s why we offer same-day services to address any urgent heating needs.

Family-Owned and Operated:

As a family-owned business, we treat our customers like family, providing personalized services and building lasting relationships.

Comprehensive Services:

We offer heating services, including maintenance, repair, replacement, and installation for all major furnace brands.

Quality Products:

We only use high-quality products and materials for all our services to ensure that your furnace operates at its best.

Customer Satisfaction Guarantee:

We are committed to exceptional customer service. If you're not happy with our services, we will do everything in our power to make it right.

Don’t wait until your furnace breaks down to give it the care it needs. Schedule furnace maintenance in Minneapolis, MN, with Professional Mechanical Services today at 763-388-3734!


Our technicians provide reliable furnace maintenance services to keep your heating system running smoothly. We understand the importance of regular maintenance and are dedicated to providing top-notch services for all our customers in Minneapolis, MN.
Absolutely. Professional maintenance by experienced technicians ensures meticulous inspection and servicing, addressing potential issues before they escalate, saving you money on repairs, and ensuring reliable heating.
If you notice reduced heating efficiency, unusual noises, increased energy bills, or inconsistent heating, it's time to schedule furnace maintenance in Minneapolis, MN.
While homeowners can do basic tasks like changing filters, it's recommended to have professional technicians conduct thorough furnace maintenance. In doing so, you will ensure all components are inspected and serviced correctly.
The duration of furnace maintenance can vary, but it generally takes a few hours. Our technicians work efficiently to minimize any inconvenience to you.
Yes, regular maintenance helps identify potential issues early, reducing the likelihood of unexpected breakdowns and extending the overall lifespan of your furnace.