Heating, Cooling, And Plumbing Services in Chanhassen, MN

Did you know that efficient HVAC systems can save homeowners up to 30% on energy bills? At Professional Mechanical Services, we bring you top-tier services to enhance your home comfort. Whether you’re facing heating challenges or need a reliable AC system or plumbing solutions, our skilled technicians in Chanhassen, MN, are here to make your home the epitome of comfort and efficiency. Explore our comprehensive services tailored to your needs!
Chanhassen, MN

What HVAC Services Do We Offer?

Before we delve into the details, let’s get acquainted with our array of services. Our certified technicians bring you a plethora of expert solutions ranging from installation and replacement to repair and maintenance for your HVAC systems in Chanhassen, New Hope, Brooklyn Center, Plymouth, and Big Lake, MN. We also offer plumbing services to ensure your home operates smoothly, saving you time and money in the long run. Here are some of the specific services we provide:
Heating Services:

Our team is well-equipped to handle all your heating needs, from heat pump maintenance and replacement to heating repair and furnace installation in Chanhassen, MN.

Indoor Air Quality Solutions:

Did you know that indoor air can be up to 5 times more polluted than outdoor air? We offer solutions like air duct cleaning, filtration systems, and UV lights to improve your home's air quality.

Air Conditioning Services:

We offer comprehensive cooling solutions, including AC repair and AC installation in Chanhassen, MN. Our technicians will ensure your home stays cool and comfortable all summer.

Maintenance plans:

Regular furnace and AC maintenance is crucial for the longevity and efficiency of your HVAC systems. Our team offers customizable maintenance plans to fit your specific needs. We'll keep your systems in top shape, saving you from unexpected breakdowns and costly repairs.

Reliable Furnace and AC Repair in Chanhassen, MN: Choose Our Team

Is your furnace making strange noises? Or is your AC blowing out warm air on a scorching summer day? Don’t let these issues disrupt your comfort. Our team is here to provide prompt and reliable repair services in Chanhassen, MN, and surrounding areas. We understand the importance of a functioning heating and cooling system, especially during extreme weather conditions. That’s why we offer 24/7 emergency repair services to solve any HVAC issue and restore your home to comfortable temperatures.

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Don't Let Clogs Slow You Down: Experience Top-notch Drain Cleaning Services

Neglecting your drains can lead to major problems in the long run. Clogs and blockages can cause slow draining or even complete backups, disrupting your daily routine and causing frustration. That’s why having your drains regularly cleaned by a professional is important.

The most typical signs of clogged drains include slow draining or standing water in sinks, showers, or tubs. You may also notice unpleasant odors coming from your drains. If you experience any of these issues, it’s time to call our plumber and schedule a drain cleaning service. We use advanced techniques and equipment to clean out your drains effectively. Our team has the expertise and experience to handle any clog, from basic debris buildup to tree root infiltration. Let us take care of your drains and ensure they are functioning properly!

How to Spot When Your Water Heater Needs Professional Repair

Your water heater is a crucial component of your home’s plumbing system, providing hot water on demand. However, like any other appliance, it can experience issues requiring professional repair services. Here are some signs to look out for that may indicate the need for water heater repair:

No hot water:

If you turn on your tap and only get cold or lukewarm water, it could be a sign that your water heater is malfunctioning.

Strange noises:

Loud popping or rumbling sounds from your unit may indicate sediment buildup, which can cause damage and reduce the unit's efficiency.


Any visible leaks around your water heater should be addressed immediately. This could indicate a crack in the tank or faulty valves.

Fluctuating water temperatures:

If your water temperature constantly changes, it could indicate a faulty thermostat or heating element.

If you notice any of these signs, don’t hesitate to contact our team for expert water heater repair in Chanhassen, MN, and surrounding areas. Our skilled plumbers will diagnose the issue and provide timely and effective solutions to restore your hot water supply. Moreover, we offer tankless installation services for energy-efficient and space-saving water heaters.

Your satisfaction is our priority, and our reviews reflect the quality and dedication we bring to every project.

Why Choose Us?

When it comes to your home’s comfort and efficiency, don’t settle for anything less than the best. We pride ourselves on delivering exceptional services tailored to your specific needs. Whether you need an urgent furnace repair, want to enhance your home’s indoor air quality, or want water conditioning in Chanhassen, MN, our team has got you covered. Let’s examine why you should choose us for all your HVAC and plumbing needs.

Experienced and Certified Technicians:

Each team member is highly trained and certified to provide top-notch services. You can trust us to handle any HVAC or plumbing issue with expertise and professionalism.

Comprehensive Services:

From heating and cooling to plumbing solutions, we offer a wide range of services to cater to all your home comfort needs. This means you can rely on us for all your HVAC and plumbing maintenance, repair, and installation needs.

Quality Products:

We only use high-quality products from trusted brands to ensure long-lasting solutions for your home. Our team will help you choose the best products for your budget and needs.

Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed:

Our main goal is to provide exceptional services that exceed our customers' expectations. We are dedicated to ensuring your complete satisfaction with our work. Whether you need an experienced HVAC technician or a plumber in Chanhassen, MN, we are the team you can trust.

Family-owned and Operated:

We are family-owned, which means we treat our customers like family. You can expect personalized services and attention to detail when you choose us.

Let us help you create a comfortable and efficient home. Contact Professional Mechanical Services at 763-388-3734 and schedule heating, cooling, or plumbing services in Chanhassen, MN!