Furnace and AC Repairs, plus HVAC installs for Columbia Heights MN homes

If you’re a homeowner in Columbia Heights that is in need of furnace or air conditioner repair we would be glad to come to your rescue. Even if you’re past the point of repair and you need to replace your furnace or central air conditioning unit in your Columbia Heights home, we are the folks you need to know.

You have a busy life, a family, and a hectic daily schedule to maintain, you can’t put everything on hold and wait to get your furnace or air conditioning repaired or replaced; we get that!

Professional Mechanical Services, LLC knows that during freezing cold Minnesota winters and sweltering humid summers, Columbia Heights residents rely on their HVAC equipment to stay comfortable and keep active. Now days, you just can’t put up with your furnace or air conditioner not functioning properly.

Columbia Heights, MN
If you depend on your Furnace and AC for comfort, you can depend on us!

Repairing Furnaces & Air Conditioning for Homeowners is our Specialty

Professional Mechanical Services, LLC knows that you want your furnace or air conditioning running efficiently and dependably, and that’s exactly why homeowners call us for service. Servicing HVAC equipment for homeowners in Columbia Heights is our number 1 priority. We will get your HVAC system repaired and back online as affordably, and as fast, as possible. That’s our specialty: Quick, dependable service for Columbia Heights residents.

Our HVAC technicians that service Columbia Heights will inspect your system, diagnose exactly what went wrong, and thoroughly explain to you what your options are in a simple, straightforward way that you can understand.

Sometimes it just makes more sense, and is a better financial investment, to replace your furnace or central air conditioner. In that case, we will walk you through the different options that you have and let you know about the current rebates that may be available to upgrade to a more efficient HVAC system.

If you do decide to replace your furnace, you’ll be glad to learn that today’s more-efficient gas furnaces can save you up to $40 for every $100 you spend on fuel, compared with older models. They are also, on average, less likely to need repairs according to a survey done from 2008-2014 by Consumer Reports.

Call Professional Mechanical Services, LLC or click Contact Us. If you live in Columbia Heights, which is part of our main service area, we can be there as quick as possible to help you out!

(Remember: We are always available 24/7 if you need emergency service.)